What You Will Experience

  • Detailed, expositional teaching from the word of God.
  • Classes taught by men who believe the word of the Lord and practice its precepts in their daily lives.
  • A school that takes a strong stand on the perfection of the King James Bible while being loving, kind and gracious toward all those for whom Christ laid down His life.
  • The benefits of seeing men, women and families living in loving fellowship in a vibrant, healthy church without compromising business models and modern influences.
  • Gaining a working knowledge of the word of God and an understanding of how to present that word to the saved and to the lost.

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Read what current and former graduates are saying about The DeLand School of THE BIBLE.

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Not everyone who wants a disciplined course of study is headed for ministerial service, and not everyone who desires to attend Bible school has the means to relocate to DeLand, Florida.
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The DeLand School of THE BIBLE

The DeLand School of THE BIBLE